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August 10, 2003
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Our Specific Aims [back]  

Since endemic species are such prominent features of the Hawaiian flora and fauna, we expect the extreme elevations, depths, chemistries and isolation of lakes in the Hawaiian Archipelago to have promoted the development of novel microorganisms. To address this hypothesis we developed these specific aims

1. To bring into culture Bacteria and Archaea from Hawaiian lakes, including pelagic and benthic strains, and those associated with Hawaiian lacustrine invertebrates (where present).
2. To characterize uncultured Bacteria and Archaea by molecular methods.
3. To describe cultured Bacteria and Archaea through standard microbiological, physiological and molecular methods.
4. To archive microbial cultures in a Culture Collection, and through this Collection to ensure their availability to interested parties. To ensure that data relating to each culture is stored in an electronic form that is accessible by interested parties.
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