Information for Alumni

University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association

The University of Hawaiʻi Alumni Association (UHAA) provides benefits and opportunities for members, as well as chances to read about the accomplishments of their peers. Visit their website to learn more about membership, and ways that you can support your alma mater.

Mānoa Career Center

The Mānoa Career Center works with alumni who graduated from the institution within the past 5 years.

They invite recent alumni to participate in the following:

Visit their website to learn more.

Department of Biology Alumni Blog

AlumniBlogThe Department of Biology has invited its alumni (students who graduated with degrees in Biology, Marine Biology, and Zoology) to participate in their alumni blog series. Read about the Department of Biology Alumni here.

Are you interested in contributing to this blog? Contact the  for more details.

Make a Gift

Donations to the College of Natural Sciences are very appreciated, and can be made here. These funds support the needs of the Natural Sciences departments for special events, hospitality, travel, and other needs.