Kevin Bennett
Nanodiagnostics, LLC
Nanodiagnostics, LLC was recently established out of the lab of Kevin Bennett, Associate Professor in Biology. Nanodiagnostics brings novel, sensitive molecular imaging contrast agents to market. Nanodiagnostics will also offer structural and molecular imaging services for clinical and preclinical studies. Nanodiagnostics' latest technology enables large-scale studies of kidney morphology, which is important for understanding and detecting diabetic nephropathy, drug-induced nephropathy, and for visualizing the action of newly-discovered drugs.
Dean William Ditto and
Dr. Behnam Kia
Applied Chaos Lab (ACL)
“Applied Chaos Lab” (ACL) at University of Hawaii at Manoa has been selected for STTR award for “Computing with Chaos”, and this lab is in the verge of finishing phase I of the project and applying for phase II.

STTR, Small Business Technology Transfer, is a federal funding opportunity that bridges the gap between performance of basic science and commercialization of resulting innovations. The unique feature of the STTR program is the requirement for collaboration between a small business and a research institution throughout the project.

In this STTR projects, researchers from physics department, Dean Bill Ditto and Dr. Behnam Kia, are collaborating with Firstpass engineering, a high-tech semiconductor company located in Castle Rock, Colorado, to design, develop, and commercialize a new generation of computing systems based on chaos theory.

ACL has published more than 25 research papers about application and exploitation of nonlinearity and chaos in computation, and has filed dozen of patents on such subjects. Now ACL is expanding its scope of activity beyond the pure science and research, and is collaborating with the small business to commercialize the research results obtained during its last 15 years of research.
Guylaine Poisson
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Jan Stevlovsky
parWinr, LLC
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