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##Action Memo Justification Summary Items to Consider: ####The impact to the department for inability to hire new faculty: * Loss due to non-hire = loss of new grant monies - How would this grant money support the department and or the University * Discuss the shortage in staff if applicable and how it is detrimental: - To the department - To students * Are there other faculty that would be able to teach the courses ####The impact that it will have on student: * Class is not offered every semester * Class is necessary to graduate students * Will students not be able to graduate on time if course is not offered; how many will not be able to graduate on time? * How many students are enrolled in the course? * Are their any other courses that can be taken in lieu of the course? ####The impact that it will have on research and experiments: * Decreased amount of quality published works * Inability to obtain extramural funding - Labs cannot be run - Decreased focus on students in teaching ####The impact of non-hire or extension of Casual and Student Hires: * Are there any other employees (BU 03 & 08) already employed who could not do the work and sustain operational needs? * How many current students you many have and how many you need to function. ####Notes: *Do’s: Attach spreadsheet of statistical data showing the impact of issues listed above if applicable.* *Don’ts: Try not to use acronyms; OVCAA are not faculty hires so they are not familiar with terminology.*