Strategic Plans

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Each unit in the College of Natural Sciences has submitted a document outlining how the unit is proceeding based on the Strategic Plan for Manoa. The plan for the College as well as each unit in the College is to implement the Manoa plan, Defining Our Destiny. The range of time that each department has documented their plan is from 2002 for ICS to the present for most units.
####Biology The principal mission of the Biology Program is undergraduate education. The primary new initiative is the introduction of a B.S. Marine Biology degree curriculum which addresses local workforce needs, takes advantage of unique Hawaii environments, and promotes stewardship of the state’s natural resources, in a responsible, culturally sensitive context. ####Botany Botany will implement (or reinforce) each of the 76 strategic imperatives at the first opportunity to do so. As with other aspects of “planning” in recent times, any progress we make is likely to be the result of an opportunistic rather than programmatic approach. ####Chemistry Recruiting of outstanding faculty committed to research, increased engagement of undergraduates in research, invest in modern research facilities, educational effectiveness, and economic development. ####Information and Computer Sciences We are a multidisciplinary community dedicated to world-class research and education in information science. Our graduates become pace setters in their respective career choices. Through strategic alliances with academia and industry, we foster positive, innovative change in society. ####Mathematics The Department's two major responsibilities are teaching and research. Both of these figure heavily in our future plans and in the strategic plan. ####Microbiology As per the Strategic Plan, the Department of Microbiology has recruited three outstanding faculty members in the past two years. These individuals were hired on their strong research records and their commitments to teaching. It is already clear that these individuals will make valuable contributions to the University long into the future. ####Physics and Astronomy The Physics program in the Department of Physics and Astronomy will implement the strategic plan by: 1. Aggressively pursuing new and expanded research opportunities that build upon the expertise of our faculty in Elementary Particles (including Neutrinos) and Free Electron Lasers. 2. Instituting a program of sabbatical visits to help grow our small Nanoscience program to critical mass. 3. Regularly expanding our research infrastructure through the use of returned overhead as well as direct contract and grant expenditures. 4. Maintaining and expanding our offerings of General Education courses, including a new Research Ethics course for Physics majors. 5. Continually monitoring the quality of our teaching by both Faculty and Graduate Assistants using a well established survey in addition to an intensive training and monitoring program for TAs. 6. Seeking to increase the number of graduate students supported in the department through expanded support for both research and teaching positions. 7. Supporting the honors program through special sections of PHYS 170 and 272. 8. Assisting in the development of gender equality in Physics employment by actively seeking female colloquium speakers and utilizing the American Institute of Physics financial support for such programs and thus encouraging our female graduate students in their careers. 9. Working with the Department of Education to further science education for prospective teachers in Hawaii through provision of special science courses for teachers (PHYS 122 and 122L) 10. Producing a flow of scientifically educated citizens into the community, providing the basis for the development of high technology industry in Hawaii. 11. Maintaining and expanding an attractive and up to date departmental web site (Physics Website) with information about the department, its research, the physics major and opportunities for our students.