Dean's Message

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Our broad based liberal arts curriculum will enable you to translate your knowledge
and discoveries into ideas that will transform your community and the world.

William Ditto Dean
"Over the last three years there has been
a renaissance in the development of the College of Natural Sciences. Building upon the foundation of our wonderful faculty, students, and staff we have made significant progress in reimaging the College into one of the most vibrant and creative colleges in the country. We are unique. We offer unique opportunities. We offer a quality choice for students and a world-class choice for profes- sors and researchers.

While many challenges remain, I could not be more pleased with our upward trajectory. We have hired over thirty new faculty in the College who have brought a whole range of fresh new ideas and approaches. They contribute to a high excitement level in the College. We are deploying world-class research and education infrastruc- ture with the renovations of Edmondson Hall, now complete, and the upcoming renovations of Snyder and Keller Halls. This fuels the ‘startup feel’ of the College of Natural Sciences.
Throughout the previous century research, scholarship, and education fragmented into many disciplines and sub disciplines. This fragmenta- tion served to accelerate progress. In this century, however, such fragmentation now only hinders. Progress and success now spring from our effec- tiveness in connecting and reintegrating all our disciplines. I believe that every day in our College of Natural Sciences we are starting to achieve an unprecedented level of connectivity and reinte- gration in all our endeavors.

Overall, I highly encourage you to visit and explore our College of Natural Sciences and see what it has to offer. We are reinventing what it means to be the very best. To experience the energy level alone is well worth a visit."

William Ditto, Dean
College of Natural Sciences