The University of Hawaiʻi Regents Candidate Advisory Committee is seeking applications and nominations for four seats on the Board of Regents, which has exclusive jurisdiction over the internal structure, management and operation of the university.

Deadline for nominating candidates is October 14.

The terms of Regents Dennis Hirota (City and County of Honolulu), Ramón de la Peña (Kauaʻi County), Teena M. Rasmussen (at large) and Matthew Williams (student) end on June 30.

Regents are appointed by the governor from a list of candidates screened and nominated by the Regents Candidate Advisory Committee. The governor’s nominees must appear before a Senate confirmation committee in a public hearing and be confirmed by a vote of the Hawaiʻi State Senate.

Regents should be citizens of high character with a commitment to community service and a keen interest in the health and future of the university. The student regent must be a student at a UH campus at the time of initial appointment. Terms of office are two years for the student regent, five years for the other seats.

For more information on how to apply or nominate someone, see the Regents Candidate Advisory Committee homepage.

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