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Numerous financial aid resources are available to help students achieve a college degree

The University of Hawaiʻi is working with community partners, including the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, GEAR UP Hawaiʻi, Pacific Financial Aid Association and Native Hawaiian Education Association, to help Hawaiʻi residents obtain the financial aid they need to attend any of the 10 UH campuses statewide.

A series of free workshops, including the Native Hawaiian Scholarship ʻAha Program and College Goal Sunday, have been scheduled statewide to provide information on federal financial aid forms and resources available, including specific financial aid resources for Native Hawaiian students.

“One of the repeated concerns of students surrounding the recent tuition increase was how could they afford to go to college,” said University of Hawaiʻi Associate Vice President for Student Affairs Lui Hokoana. “Resources such as increased financial aid, staff support to help apply for scholarships and free workshops such as these will allow us to serve more potential students than ever before and increase access to a college degree for all who truly wish to pursue it.”

Native Hawaiian Scholarship ʻAha

The Native Hawaiian Scholarship ʻAha program offers free presentations in December 2011 and January 2012 for high school and college students, families, teachers, counselors and anyone interested in learning more about sources of financial aid available to Native Hawaiians. See the schedule for dates and locations or download a flyer.

College Goal Sunday

College Goal Sunday offers assistance to parents and students in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form, which is the federal application required by most colleges, universities and vocation schools in the nation. Multiple workshops are scheduled statewide in January 2012. See the College Goal Sunday website for times, locations and other details.

Public service announcement

Radio announcements are being run to encourage residents to attend the free workshops.

Listen to the radio announcements.

Announcement 1 (male student)

Announcement 2 (female student)

If the Flash audio player above does not work, follow the direct mp3 links to Announcement 1 and Announcement 2.

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  1. Aloha Nui Loa,

    Thisis in regards to finding assistance to get financial aid to attend University of Hawaii Hilo this summer. I am a California resident who attended University of Hawaii Maui this last semester. I am a Junior currently looking to see how I can get additional funding to continue with getting a Psychology degree. My last semester in California I received a 4.0. I am a female, 49 years old returning student.

    any suggestions to help me pay for summer school at hilo wouldbe appreciated.
    Mahalo Nui Loa
    Ronda Gallemore

  2. e how you like that! I leave comments and noone ever writes me back! this lady the same age as me writes and you folks respond to her within 24 hours. It must be me. I think I am just not wanted to exist in this planet because every where I try for help I am told to shut up and be satisfied with what I have. Or I am just ignored!!!! Pretty soon I am going to quit college and just sit back and retire. Itʻs not fair and I canʻt go on this way. Mahalo, aloha

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