After the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa first placed sharrows—pavement markings indicating a travel lane shared by motorist and bicyclist—on campus roadways in August 2010, the City and County of Honolulu began placing them on city streets around the campus, including Dole Street, Kapahulu Avenue and Young Street.

UH Mānoa and the city produced a share-the-road public service announcement to urge drivers, bike riders and pedestrians to be safe and street smart.

The PSA is part of the Move with Aloha campaign, which is comprised of three initiatives to promote a pedestrian-friendly campus and support sustainable transport.

group of people with their bikes

The initiatives are

  • Sharrow lanes (lanes shared by bicyclists and motorists)
  • Share zones (areas to walk wheels such as bicycles and skateboards during high pedestrian traffic)
  • Bicycle routes (designated to ensure a safe commute to and from campus)

UH Mānoa will continue to work with the city, state and the surrounding community on expanding sharrow lanes on Oʻahu roads and improving sustainable modes of transportation.

Visit the Move with Aloha website for more information.

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  1. I am all for greener transportation & the safety and Aloha between drivers, pedestrians & cyclists. However, a lot of the bicyclers, esp around campus DON’T FOLLOW THEIR OWN BIKE RULES. Some examples, they zip unpredictably in & out of between buildings & parked cars, ride faster on sidewalks than specified in the county laws, don’t get off their bikes to walk them in crosswalks, and most dangerously, jump in & out of opposite flowing traffic lanes to get around pedestrians walking on the sidewalks. If bicyclists want respect from motorists, more of them need to respect their own bike rules so that drivers will have a ‘reliable’ sense of what their movements should be.

  2. All well and good.
    But, when will we get any attention at the mauka end of the campus? Lots of folks use the footpath connecting Hipawai Place with Woodlawn Drive, between Noelani Elementary School and the Agricultural greenhouses. And are faced with 2 unnecessary and arbitrary barriers: a heavy chain and a locked outer gate. It is about time someone from Bachman Hall took action and made sure the outer gate and chain are removed permanently.

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