Beginning February 16, the University of Hawaiʻi will utilize a new electronic system that modernizes current research administration practices and reduces paper-intensive processes for researchers and administrators at all 10 UH campuses statewide.

Implemented by the Office of Research Services, myGRANT is the university’s online application for proposal development and creation and grant administration. It is currently live and available to principal investigators to use for proposal entry. All university researchers and administrative staff involved in the proposal development and submission process are encouraged to visit the ORS myGRANT information website to become familiar with the system.

On Feb. 16, all proposals and related approvals will be routed through myGRANT’s electronic workflow. The proposal data entered into myGRANT and submitted for electronic routing and workflow approval will replace the current ORS Form 5 and its corresponding approval process.

Training offered

Training for myGRANT is currently being offered for principal investigators, fiscal and administrative officers and all individuals involved in the proposal development and submission process.

Classroom training sessions are designed to give the user hands-on training and include a brief introduction of myGRANT and a comparison of the current hard-copy process to the myGRANT process for proposal development and submission; a demonstration of the myGRANT proposal development and submission process; use of the myGRANT online training module; and development of a proposal by each participant using myGRANT.

Online training is also available in the university’s Laulima online learning system.

In addition to training and online resources, including frequently asked questions, the Office of Research Services has expanded its Helpline hours to provide additional support to the UH community. Call the ORS Helpline at (808) 956-5198 or submit a support ticket online.

About myGRANT

myGRANT is a system-to-system electronic research administration system of Kuali-Coeus, one of the major projects of the Kuali Foundation. UH is currently implementing another Kuali Foundation project, the Kuali Financial System, which will go live on July 1, 2012.