The Office of the Vice President for Budget and Finance provided the following update on the implementation of the Kuali Financial System in light of the February 12 fire that destroyed a building on the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa lower campus containing much of the university’s Financial Management Office.

Prior to the fire, fiscal staff were having to do double duty of maintaining operations and supporting the development and installation of Kuali. Fortunately, just prior to the fire, the development phase had been completed and the testing phase on the Kuali system had begun. While Financial Management Office staff are having to cope with restoring normal operations in their new temporary surroundings, they may focus on operations restoration while Kuali system testing ensues. Down the road as operations are restored, staff will become re-engaged in supporting the development and installation of Kuali.

The impact of the fire on operations and the implementation of Kuali is being assessed on an on-going basis. At this time, efforts are continuing to make the University of Hawaiʻi’s Kuali Financial System operational in July 2012. Thanks to the extraordinary efforts of the Financial Management Office staff, the outstanding Kuali Team and the special efforts of the Kuali consultants, who together have been working tirelessly to meet the planned roll-out schedule.

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  1. Can you advise re the general and detailed metrics employed by your office to evaluate the problems and progress of the effort to achieve a functional version of the “Kuali Financial System” ???

    For those of us who are doing our best to use the system in its present manifestly incomplete and buggy version, it would lend some confidence in our future prospects if Kauli’s management team here at UH could (1) identify how they are documenting the problems with the present version, and moving from that list to a coherent strategy for resolution of these problems, and (2) who here at UH is responsible for the administration of this effort.

    We would like to be team members, but we can not work in that capacity without knowing if there even is such a team and how that team is supposed to function.


    John Madey

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