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The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates May 2012 faculty and staff anniversaries.

40 Years

Chinn, Pauline W
Professor, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Nakamoto, Geraldine R
Secretary, Graduate Division, UH Mānoa

30 Years

Fujioka, Isaac S
Senior Administrative Officer, College of Engineering, UH Mānoa

Gunness, Jo L
Archaeology Labs Manger, S College of Social Sciences, UH Mānoa

Kajiwara, Robert M
Associate Professor, Dean’s Office, Kauaʻi CC

Nakamoto, Wayne H
Maintenance Mechanic, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, UH Mānoa

Rivers, Gary
University Security Officer, Auxiliary Enterprise, UH Mānoa

20 Years

Goya, Kelli K
Instructor, Student Services, Kapiʻolani CC

Horowitz, Susan I
Junior Specialist, Outreach College, UH Mānoa

Katayama, Claire K
Office Assistant, Enrollment Services, Kapiʻolani CC

Kodama, Brian K
Scientific Instrument Technician, College of Engineering, UH Mānoa

Maesaka, Gina M
Counselor, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Mendoza, Lisa L
Office Assistant, College of Business and Economics, UH Hilo

Mora, Flora L
Assistant Fiscal Officer, Administrative Director’s Office, Maui College

Mugiishi, Mark M
Assistant Professor, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Oda, Dale T
Assistant Professor, Emergency Medical Services, Kapiʻolani CC

Odo, Stacie Y
Secretary, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Teramoto, Diane T
Library Technician, Dean’s Office, Windward CC

Todoroki, Carol F
Account Clerk, Administrative Director’s Office, Leeward CC

Usui, Randal K
Coordinator, Student Employment and Job Development, Student Affairs, UH Hilo

10 Years

Berry, Marla J
Professor, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Chan, Christopher E
Information Technology Specialist, Information Technology Services, UH System

Edurise, Tessie R
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Kauaʻi CC

Jichaku, Patrick A
Assistant Specialist, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Kadekawa, Elena Y
Administrative Officer, Outreach College, UH Mānoa

Kahikina-Lou, Krissy K
Librarian, Library Services, UH Mānoa

Kido, Lillian M
Education Associate, Curriculum Research and Development Group, UH Mānoa

McGuckin, Nancy E
Instructor, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, UH Mānoa

Ozaki, Rebecca S
Associate Professor, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Treiber-Kawaoka, Cheryl
Instructor, College of Education, UH Mānoa

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