Chancellor Hinshaw Gachon degree

Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw received an honorary doctorate in science from Gachon University (photo courtesy of Gachon University)

Gachon University President Lee Gil Ya conferred the title of Honorary Doctor of Science on Virginia S. Hinshaw during the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa chancellor’s visit to South Korea. The conferral recommendation for Hinshaw’s doctorate was made by the graduate committee at Gachon University Graduate School and personally presented by Lee during a formal ceremony.

“I was tremendously moved by this honor, especially since the degree was presented by President Lee, who is an esteemed physician, scientist, entrepreneur and humanitarian,” said Hinshaw. “She is also the driving force of the just-opened Lee Gil Ya Cancer and Diabetes Center, which I can personally appreciate as a cancer survivor and thriver and as a member of a family with 100 percent having Type 2 diabetes. Their Neuroscience Center is also developing highly sophisticated imaging equipment.”

On the Gachon campus, Hinshaw gave a special lecture on the topic of “Leadership in a Changing World.”

Chancellor Hinshaw first met President Lee two years ago during the latter leader’s visit to UH Mānoa Center for Korean Studies and the two quickly built a strong, respectful professional relationship and friendship. “Both of us are senior women trained in the medical sciences and committed to higher education, so we shared the same passions,” said Hinshaw.

Adapted from a University of Hawaiʻ at Mānoa news release

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