The University of Hawaiʻi’s first ever, fully licensed Starbucks store is now open for business at UH Mānoa’s Campus Center.

“I think it is a really good addition to the campus,” said UH Mānoa student Erik Kinne. “The food and drinks are great and the atmosphere is great.”

Fellow UH student Bryson Okuno says he likes the look of the place.

“It’s a nice spot on campus so I’m sure a lot of people will come here and hang out,” said Okuno.

The 1,092 square foot store is part of the 42 million dollar, Campus Center renovation project and will include a 95 seat outdoor terrace when the project is completed in 2013. The blessing for the new store was held July 23.

The idea of having a Starbucks on campus was generated and spearheaded by students on the UH Mānoa Campus Center Board, who recognized a serious need.

Campus Center Board President Michelle Tagorda, a senior at UH Mānoa, sees the new Starbucks as a place that students can gather on campus. “It’s not something they have to go off campus like Starbucks at Kahala Mall but something they can come here and get something to drink and do the studying they wanted to do.”

“We just wanted to have a gathering place for students that they can rely on,” said Tagorda.

The UH Mānoa Starbucks has extended hours—6 a.m. to 10 p.m., Monday thru Thursdays, and 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Fridays, for the spring and fall semesters. The former coffee shop used to close at 4 pm.

“There is really no place to like hang out other than the library at nighttime if you wanted to stay on campus,” said Darcy Smith, who just graduated from UH

The former coffee shop at campus center, the Corner Market Café, is being converted into a grab-and-go service with salads, sandwiches and drinks.

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    1. Jay,

      Leeward CC will have Kimo Bean Coffee shop in the new Learning Commons. It will open during the Fall semester.

      Leeward CC English professor

  1. We need one @ UH-Hilo/HawCC.. UH Hilo uses Starbucks coffee but the person making it obviously has never drank coffee…YUK…HawCC has nothing but 2 soda machines once the cafeteria closes at 12:30…That’s BAD!!!

  2. It is a SHAME.
    Hawai’i should support itself creating businesses and stores based on local products, local economy and local people.
    People from the mainland and from all around the world love KONA coffee and we open a CORPORATION on campus.
    We should think about what we do before looking “cool” in a corporation shop.
    There are many good and cool coffee shop around the islands that are more than happy to start a business like that.

  3. The new Starbucks is a total disaster- there are twice as many employees as the old, smaller location, and it takes twice to four times as long to get the same coffee drink. This was true BEFORE SCHOOL STARTED. Now, with crowds descending upon the new location, the result is a train-wreck. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER STARBUCKS! BRING ON THE LOCAL COMPETITION!

  4. I agree with Caffeinated on Campus…Starbucks staffs need to get their act together and bring on the local competition!!!! I was a regular at the old location. When I found out about the new location, I thought the new and bigger location would be much better, but I was very wrong. It took me 20 minutes today to get my grande iced green tea drink…15 MINUTES FOR A PREMADE ICE TEA! As result, I was late to class. At the old location, a smaller one, I only need to wait a few minutes to get the same drink.
    THE STAFF IS SO INEFFICIENT!!! Those that were making the drink today were very slow. They were making the drinks like they had all the time in the world when there were at least 10 people waiting for their drinks and 10+ more waiting in line to order when I was there. They should divide up the work, someone make the coffee and someone else make the tea, instead of making drinks by the order number.
    Today was my first day at the new location and I had a bad experience, so I don’t think I will come back there any time soon.

  5. In Hilo our UHH campus has a coffee bar that says they serve Starbucks coffee, it’s the worst tasting Starbucks coffee ever… think they are making it incorrectly..And out of curiosity, why does UH Manoa have sooo many choices for meals? UHH only has Island Naturals (yay finally a healthy choice) and Sodexo… And HawCC won’t allow any vender at all.. this means..Mondays there is no food source on campus.. Not even vending machines or even a bank machine…

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