Maui College TV production set

UH Maui College students and Pacific Radio Group professionals participated in a special televised election forum in July with candidates for Maui County Council.

The evening of August 11 will be a late one for University of Hawaiʻi Maui College students hosting Decision 2012, a live televised show covering the Hawaiʻi primary election with a special focus on Maui County races. The show will air from 5:30 p.m. to midnight on MCTV Cable 55.

A partnership between UH Maui College and Pacific Radio Group, the program will be simultaneously broadcast on KNUI AM 900 and through a live Internet feed on

It will feature a student panel who will co-host the coverage alongside radio broadcast professionals, and the show will include live election returns, candidate interviews and up to the minute results on races that matter to Maui County.

Students will be both behind the scenes working on the production and coordination of the show, as well as on camera asking questions of Maui County candidates as the election results roll in.

“Not only does Decision 2012 provide Maui County viewers with local, homegrown coverage of the issues, but it also provides an opportunity for students to work side-by-side with professionals in the industry,” said UH Maui College Media Coordinator Mike Albert.

This is the third time that UH Maui College has partnered with Pacific Radio Group to produce an elections night show.

“Decision 2012 gives our students the opportunity to engage in the process of politics live,” added Malia Davidson, program director of Liko Aʻe and student coordinator of the event. “Our students come from a diverse demographic, which lends to their synergy on air. They will be learning every moment by hearing, seeing and being a part of a production that comes every two years.”

The productions are part of an ongoing partnership between UH Maui College and Pacific Radio Group that are focused on mentoring the next generation of media professionals, as well as encouraging students to take a deeper look at the issues facing Maui County and to engage in the voting process.

In July, UH Maui College students hosted a special televised election forum, asking questions of candidates running for Maui County Council, State House District 9 and State House District 11.

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