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The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa has launched WeCar, a new car sharing service for students, faculty and staff. The program allows members to rent a WeCar vehicle on the Mānoa campus for personal or business use. WeCar can be rented by the hour, for a full day or overnight.

“We have problems with traffic and we have problems with sustainability and energy usage. By having the WeCar, people can take mass transit to get to campus, or public transit, and then if they have an errand to run, they can use the WeCar,” said UH Mānoa Chancellor Tom Apple.

The program, which is already being utilized on college campuses across the country, is one of the many ways UH Mānoa is combating traffic congestion and the lack of parking.

“About 43 percent of our affiliates—our faculty, staff and students—live within three miles of the campus. Those are very commutable distances,” said Crysttal Atkins, university transportation demand management coordinator. “What we can do to help people leave those cars home in those commutable distances is give them things like WeCar.”

WeCar membership at UH Mānoa is open to anyone 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license.

The WeCar program is completely automated, with online application and reservations. Members are provided with a swipe key allowing them access to the vehicle, in which they’ll find the car’s ignition key in the glove box.

The $10–$12 an hour rental rate includes 200 free miles, fuel, maintenance, a campus parking spot and damage/liability protection. For individual users, there is a one-time application fee of $10, with annual membership dues of $35.

For more information, read the news release or go to UH Mānoa’s commuter website.

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  1. WeCar is a great idea, but it is far too expensive.

    I used an identical service during my last sabbatical in Boulder Colorado. The service is called eGo Carshare . There is a no-annual fee membership option, and the hourly rates are about half of the WeCar rates . I still have my membership to Carshare for when I go back to Boulder.

    CU-Boulder also provides free bus passes for all university staff, students, and faculty. Your university id is your bus pass. Something like that would have a tremendous impact on use of public transportation.

    1. At Northern Arizona Univ. we had a Bus system, it was great, but it is kind of hard to screw up planning a bus system for a uni.

      10-12/hr (what they are trying to say is 12/hr) is too much for a car, I see people using this service, but only if they really need it or are in between transportation means.

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