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The new book by Brien Hallett focuses on the role of Congress in declaring war

Brien Hallett, associate professor in the Matsunaga Institute for Peace, has published, Declaring War: Congress, the President and What the Constitution Does Not Say, with Cambridge University Press. It is availabe online.

Declaring War directly challenges the 200 year-old belief that the Congress can and should declare war. By offering a detailed analysis of the declarations of 1812, 1898 and the War Powers Resolution of 1973, the book demonstrates the extent of the organizational and moral incapacity of the Congress “to declare war.”

Then, based upon this failure, Hallett suggests two possible remedies: a constitutional amendment or, alternatively, a major restructuring of the Congress.

Hallett teaches courses in peace and conflict resolution at the Matsunaga Institute for Peace. His primary research interest is the declaration of war and the historical, legal, constitutional, moral and philosophical issue that surround it. He also authored The Lost Art of Declaring War.

Go to the Cambridge University Press website for more on the book.

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