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Leeward Community College students talk about what they like about the campus.

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  1. I totally agree with my fellow peers. As a alumni from Leeward CC-Spring 2010 and a returning student from Leeward CC-Fall 2012, I feel and experience that this campus and the faculty are outstanding. I see myself coming back and forth to get education from Leeward CC; that’s how I really like this campus! Thank you Leeward CC!

  2. Loved LCC. Graduated in 1984. Learned more there than at UH Manoa. When my students call it Last Chance College I correct them immediately. Beth Thompson was the best HIST 151 & 152 teacher.

  3. LCC has been an integral part of my life here in Hawaii having been a student since Summer of 2010 and will be graduating this fall of 2012. I learned a lot from this institution and the faculty are competent and outstanding. LCC helped me greatly in my quest for knowledge and is instrumental in the fulfillment of my career goals.

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