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Honolulu Community College students talk about what they like about the campus

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  1. Although I will agree with most of the comments the students have made in this video. Currently, I dont feel HCC is the best campus due to the amount of construction going on. For one thing, lately I have to show up 2 hours early just to get parking on campus (and I hold a parking pass…) Otherwise, I end up driving around the parking lot for up to an hour waiting for a spot, by then my class may have already started or ended..
    During class time, there is very loud construction and jackhammers drilling so it is hard to focus or take a test with the noise.
    When classes are finished and students need to leave building 7, the current available elevators almost always get stuck on a floor with a full load of students inside. Meanwhile, dozens of students trying to get to ground-level quickly have no way to reach any floor below floor 3 as the main stairwell is blocked off. Only one other stairwell remains on the far side of the building but most of the students either don’t know it exists, or won’t use it because they think it will trip the fire alarm if they open it.

    These are just a few of the current issues on campus, but they are enough to make me wish I had gone to another campus entirely this semester. I understand that the construction is ultimately to benefit the students in the long run, but I feel it is having an adverse effect on my ability to get a good grade.

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