The University of Hawaiʻi will host the world’s leaders in advanced networking during the fourth Techs in Paradise (TIP) event to be held January 13–18 in Honolulu.

TIP2013, the fourth in a series of “East meets West” networking meetings that began in 2001, will bring together the Internet2 technical community from North America with the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network, a multilateral regional counterpart to Internet2. Numerous side meetings will take advantage of this rare opportunity to bring together the North American and Asia-Pacific advanced networking communities for a week of meetings, workshops, collaboration, conversation and fellowship.

“Hawaiʻi provides the perfect venue to bring together the advanced networking communities from both sides of the Pacific,” notes University of Hawaiʻi Vice President for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer David Lassner, the conference host. “TIP2013 will provide Hawaiʻi a rare glimpse into the future of networking.”

The TIP2013 meetings will address advanced Internet opportunities, challenges and applications. Key technology themes to be discussed will include 100Gbps (gigabit per second networking), software defined networking and OpenFlow, advanced optical networking, hybrid packet-circuit networking, IPV6 deployment, network measurement and performance and security.

Advanced Internet-based applications and activities that will be discussed and demonstrated include ultra high definition television, telemedicine and telesurgery, ocean observatories and updates on U.S., government and international research networks. TIP2013 will include a variety of technical tutorials and workshops, as well as planning meetings for new advanced research and education networks in underserved nations and regions.

TIP2013 registration for most meetings is open to the public. Got to the TIP website for more information.

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