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From left to right, Joseph Gosalvez, Al Landon, Russell Uyeno and Mariko Miho celebrate the MELE program’s first CD compilation. (Photo courtesy Honolulu Community College)

Students of the Music and Entertainment Learning Experience program, or MELE, at Honolulu Community College have engineered and produced the program’s first ever CD compilation entitled Island Music: Gifts of Aloha.

Through a generous gift from former Bank of Hawaiʻi CEO Al Landon and his wife Sue Landon, MELE students were given the real life opportunity to put their in-class knowledge into hands-on application.

“There are many great things about Hawaiʻi—one is the wonderful music. The students of the MELE program have assembled and produced this exciting selection of Hawaiʻi music, covering a broad range of styles, performed by talented and popular island artists,” explained Al Landon.

A student scholarship of $500 was also awarded to Joseph Gosalvez, Honolulu CC music business major and Grammy U student representative of the Hawaiʻi chapter for his leadership on the CD project.

“The project provided our students with an opportunity to work alongside MELE faculty and engage in activities found in the real world music industry,” said Eric Lagrimas, interim director of the MELE program.

“Music business students helped develop licenses required for use in the project as well as interact with record companies and publishers, while audio engineering students learned about the fundamentals of audio mastering,” said Lagrimas.

The CD was created for non-commercial use and will be distributed as a calling card for the program.

Adapated from a Honolulu CC news release

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