Windward Community College invites families to learn more about the college’s campus environment, new programs and support services at the College is a Family Affair event on Wednesday, April 17, 5:30–8 p.m. in Hale ʻAkoakoa. This event is free and includes childcare and dinner.

The event begins with trolley campus tours, an inspirational message by local personality and Windward CC graduate “Lina Girl” Langi, as well as breakout sessions on the application process and financial aid.

Potential students will be introduced to Windward CC staff, faculty and programs including Hawaiian studies, veterinary technology, agripharmatech, drama and theatre and more.

“As students enter into higher education, their success often depends on the support of their family,” said Windward CC Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Ardis Eschenberg.

“This event is not just for recent high school graduates or students planning ahead, but also for mom and dad, who are thinking that the time to attend college is now,” said Carla Rogers, counselor for adult learners “We’re here to support community members who want to make a college a part of their families’ successful future.”

For more information, read the Windward CC news release. To reserve a seat, call (808) 235-7454.

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