A WeldEd participant works on his project at the Hawaiʻi CC welding shop. (photo by Thatcher Moats)

A WeldEd participant works on his project at the Hawaiʻi CC welding shop. (Photo by Thatcher Moats)

Welding instructors from around the state and from the mainland convened for a WeldEd workshop at Hawaiʻi Community College’s welding facility. The welding instructors attended the weeklong professional development workshop organized by the National Center for Welding Education and Training, better known as WeldEd.

WeldEd’s mission is to expand the number of high-skilled welding technicians as the country faces a major shortfall in the next several years. Jeffery Lane, an assistant professor of welding at Honolulu Community College, said the skilled workforce shortage in welding between now and 2019 is estimated at 308,000 workers.

“So what we’re trying to do with these modules is train the instructors so they can train the students and get them into this line of work,” said Lane, who is the regional representative for WeldEd and organized the workshop. “A lot of the shortfall is because baby boomers are retiring.”

Growth in wind and solar energy development, plus the boom in shale gas, has added to the demand for welders, said Lane. In addition, some manufacturing is returning to the United States after outsourcing.

There were nearly 20 instructors participating in the Hilo workshop, brushing up on their knowledge of weld quality and inspection, welding codes, specifications and safety. Five WeldEd participants are from Oʻahu, seven are from the Big Island, one is from Ohio, three are from California, one is from Washington State and the instructor is from North Dakota. Of the Hawaiʻi participants five were from Hawaiʻi CC and four were from Honolulu CC.

A Hawaiʻi CC news release

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Welding instructors from Oʻahu, the Big Island and the mainland at a weeklong workshop at Hawaiʻi Community College. (Photo by Thatcher Moats)

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