Glowing green rabbits product of international collaboration

August 8, 2013  |   |  5 Comments
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  1. Mr. Raymond Kenneth Petry says:

    ‘Transgenic glowing sheep’—Imagine what this’ll do for the formalwear industry…

    My question I want to ask and I researched it for a few minutes, is, How do [you] know where the transgene will locate—into the hair and not into the eyes…(cf jellyfish are transparent)…?

    Then again, it’s recorded somewhere that in Adam and Eve’s day, they glowed in the dark—Imagine what this’ll do for religious fanaticism…

  2. UH School of Medicine says:

    Response: It does not express in the hair. The hair represents dead cells and does not fluoresce. Every other living cell including the eyes expresses the transgene, and it is so strong that even when the hair is growing the fluorescence can be visible through it. No ill effects on the bunnies though.

  3. alice says:

    I wonder if they are going to have sleeping problems..

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