The University of Hawaiʻi Women’s Campus Club invites applications for funding of special projects for 2014. Proposals may be submitted by departments, organizations, programs or by individuals associated with any of these on any of the UH campuses. All applications must be received by December 12, 2013.

Priority is given to projects that benefit a large number of students, enhance the university community environment on any UH campus, and have not received major grants from the Women’s Campus Club in recent years.

Requests should be concise, not more than two or three pages. Give clear goals and specific information on who will benefit from the grant, how it will be used and a realistic line item budget. Items which can be realistically funded within a projected budget are more likely to be considered. Indicate if there are other sources of funding. Requests for individuals, salaries or wages, entertainment, food and travel will not be considered.

Since grants are awarded on an annual basis and no funds are held in reserve, supplementary request cannot be funded. Grants for 2014 will be announced by February 2014 and funds will be released soon after that date. The average grant awarded was no more than $4,000.

Forms for proposals can be found at after September 1.

Five copies of proposals must be mailed to June C. Naughton, Allocations Chair, Women’s Campus Club, P.O. Box 62104, Honolulu, HI 96839, or delivered to Women’s Campus Club, Bachman Annex 2 (UH Mānoa Campus Mail). For more information, e-mail, or call (808) 524-2718.

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