The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates October 2013 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 Years

DeFrank, Joseph
Researcher, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Mānoa

Kamanao, Diane M
Information Technology Specialist, Information Technology Services, UH System

Miyake, Linda H
Secretary, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Yahata, Pat S
Academic Support, Dean’s Office, Honolulu CC

20 Years

Abe, Melvin I
Janitor, Facility, Grounds and Safety Office, UH Mānoa

Andrade, Carlos L
Associate Professor, School of Hawaiian Knowledge, UH Mānoa

Evensen, Carl I
Interim Associate Dean, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Mānoa

Ishii, Luane K
Secretary, Dean’s Office, Hawaiʻi CC

Kaukali, Chris T
Institutional Support, Institute for Astronomy, UH Mānoa

Machado, Dale R
Research Support, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Minato, Kurt H
Institutional Support, Procurement and Real Property Management, UH System

Oshiro, Fern C
Account Clerk, Administrative Director’s Office, Leeward CC

Oshiro, Shannon L
Institutional Support, College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature, UH Mānoa

Pinell, Sandra L
Academic Support, Special Programs, Honolulu CC

Salas, Ricardo
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Kapiʻolani CC

Seymour, Corinne M
Institutional Support, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Tanaka, Faith H
Institutional Support, Library Services, UH Mānoa

Tanaka, Janis H
Account Clerk, Administrative Director’s Office, Maui College

Tatsuguchi, Jan K
Secretary, Industrial Relations Center, UH Mānoa

10 Years

Bostwick, Barbara
Junior Specialist, Student Affairs, UH Hilo

Burke, Jerilyn C
Office Assistant, Non-Credit Program, Kapiʻolani CC

Gaison-Tyler, Gail
Office Assistant, Provost’s Office, Kapiʻolani CC

Hanai, Stacie M
Institutional Support, College of Social Sciences, UH Mānoa

Kakehi, Audrey M
Institutional Support, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, UH Mānoa

Lum, Theresa M
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Windward CC

Paresa, Dawn E
Instructor, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Wong, Lily C
Secretary, Chancellor’s Office, UH Mānoa

Yee, Roxanne S
Secretary, Community Colleges, UH System

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