Erika L. Lacro

Erika L. Lacro

Honolulu Community College Chancellor Erika L. Lacro was named as one of “20 for the Next 20 Leaders” in the March 2014 issue of Hawaiʻi Business Magazine.

Each year, Hawaiʻi Business selects 20 emerging leaders who have already made big contributions to Hawaiʻi and expect to have an even greater impact over the next two decades.

“Erika thrives on challenges and gets the job done through her leadership and collaborative style that engages Honolulu Community College’s students, faculty and staff with their partners in the community, business and industry,” says Vice President for Community Colleges John Morton.

“Erika is an active and visible force in the local Kalihi-Pālama community and in the larger Honolulu urban area,” says Jerry Cerny, Honolulu CC’s faculty development coordinator. “She has an outstanding future for advanced leadership positions in the UH system.”

Lacro administers Honolulu CC’s $33 million operating budget and serves as the principal investigator on several grants including a $24.6 million Department of Labor grant. A strong business background in private industry has facilitated Lacro’s rapid rise to her current position in higher education. She holds a PhD from the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa in communication and information sciences.

A Honolulu Community College news release

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