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The University of Hawaiʻi’s highly successful 15 to Finish promotional campaign took the national spotlight today when Complete College America featured the UH program in a national webinar on Tuesday, April 29.

The 15 to Finish campaign encourages students to take 15 or more credits each semester and graduate on time—two years for an associates degree and four years for a baccalaureate degree—saving time and money. Nationally, on-time degree completion rates are at 19 percent for those seeking four-year degrees and four percent for those seeking two-year degrees.

Hawaiʻi’s aggressive advertising campaign resulted in significant increases in the number of UH freshmen statewide taking 15 or more credits. Complementary campus strategies also contributed to the increases. In the fall of 2011, 16 percent of UH freshmen took 15 or more credits, compared to 28 percent two years later, following the 15 to Finish campaign. UH Mānoa alone saw the numbers rise from 38 to 61 percent from fall 2011 to fall 2013.

Hawaiʻi’s 15 to Finish program has been adopted by institutions of higher education across the country. To date, 14 states have launched their own 15 to Finish campaigns using UH’s framework and materials.

Executive V.P. for Academic Affairs Joanne Itano was featured in the 15 to Finish webinar, which highlighted the campaign and strategy implemented by the university, where 15 to Finish originated.

The UH System’s 15 to Finish team was previously called upon to share its work with institutions of higher learning from 22 states and the District of Columbia at a conference in Denver in April, 2013.

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