From left, Francis Wiercinski and David Lassner

From left, David Lassner and Francis Wiercinski

Video of announcement and press conference

The Board of Regents announced two finalists for the UH System president position—UH Interim President David Lassner and Retired Lt. General Francis Wiercinski.

Board of Regents Chair John C. Holzman says students and faculty will get to hear from the candidates and provide feedback before the end of the academic year.

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  1. Everything Mr. Holzman said was on the up and up but his demeanor and obvious irritation re. the last few questions lend suspicion to the transparency he kept speaking of.

  2. The University need Mr. Wiercinski to be the next President of University of Hawaii. He will bring in new ideas that will enhance the reputations of the universities and colleges. I encourage the Board of regents to pick Mr. Wiercinski theUniversities needs a change.

    Thank you;

  3. Nothing substantive. Just a note to tell you that you have the wrong “Insights” video running. It’s listed as an interview with David Duffy, et al, but it’s actually one with MRC Greenwood, et al.

  4. Although I am personally glad that David Lassner is a finalist, I was under the impression that the person who was selected as the Interim President would not be a candidate for the permanent position. At the time when several names were mentioned for the interim position, perhaps some of them declined then in hopes of applying for the permanent position. To make a semantic distinction between David Lassner being “nominated” but not “applying” for the permanent position may satisfy the letter, but perhaps not the intent of the selection process as originally explained to the public.

  5. John Holzman is transparently lying through his teeth, particularly near the end. Congratulations to Francis Wiercinski, the next in a line of pre-determined presidents of the University of Hawaii! We might as well set up the betting pool now: how long until the next scandal?? I give it months.

  6. I am from maui college and i think we have a right to vote on this , and we didn’t meet this candidate, also we don’t know nothing about those candidate that is running. When are they coming to maui college and speak to the student? We want to make sure that John doing the right choice picking that person on BOR board of regent . And I am a student

  7. Dear Board of Regents:

    Please accept the following written testimony for the University of Hawai’i Board of Regents’ May 1, 2014 meeting regarding the selection of the next University of Hawaii system-wide president and chief executive officer.


    Respectfully submitted,

    David A. Mihaila, J.D.

    1. Aloha, David

      Thank you for your feedback. We received your comment dated 5/4 in full but cannot accept official testimony here. We encourage you to submit it via the proper channels.

      Here are the instructions to submit testimony to the Board of Regents:

      Written testimony is accepted 24 hours in advance of the meeting time, via email at or by hand-delivery or mail to:

      University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents
      2444 Dole Street, Bachman 209
      Honolulu, HI 96822

      Individuals may testify on items on this agenda during the Public Comment Period. Individuals providing oral testimony will be requested to sign up at the meeting.

      Individuals testifying at the meeting are requested to limit their testimony to three (3) minutes.

      Hope this helps!

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