From left, UH Interim President David Lassner and Retired Lt. General Francis Wiercinski.

The finalists for UH System president, from left, UH Interim President David Lassner and Retired Lt. General Francis Wiercinski.

The University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents has released to the media and the public the Regents Committee on Presidential Selection Final Report to the board, which was presented on Thursday, May 1. Download the report (1.6 MB).

For more information on the committee and its work over the past year, please see the Presidential Search website.

A schedule of public appearances by the finalists will be announced shortly.

More on the finalists

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  1. I intended to post my testimony here, but I was informed that “testimony” is not allowed to be posted on this site. Is that true? I am shocked that anyone the U.H. would be censoring speech by rejecting “testimony” or any opinions intended to address the subjects presented on this site. Is it true?

    If I remove the words “my testimony” from my presentation to this site, will that make it acceptable if all other parameters for civility are in compliance?

    mahalos, George Peabody

    1. Hi George,

      Your comments are welcome here.

      If your intent is to submit official testimony before the Board of Regents, here are the instructions:

      Written testimony is accepted 24 hours in advance of the meeting time, via email at or by hand-delivery or mail to:

      University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents
      2444 Dole Street, Bachman 209
      Honolulu, HI 96822

      Individuals may testify on items on this agenda during the Public Comment Period. Individuals providing oral testimony will be requested to sign up at the meeting.

      Individuals testifying at the meeting are requested to limit their testimony to three (3) minutes.

      Hope this helps!

  2. Hi: I’m trying to find the c.v. of each of the two presidential candidates but am having no luck.

    Could you please advise where I could find them.

    I suspect many faculty and staff would appreciate having them accessible, as the notice of the public appearances of the candidates was somewhat of a slap in the face of faculty and staff.

    We have more notice of dean candidate searches and more opportunity to hear the candidates.

    1. Hi John,

      The candidates’ CVs are contained in the Presidential Selection Committee final report. Download the report (1.6 MB PDF).

      UH Interim President David Lassner’s is located on page 25 and Retired Lt. General Francis Wiercinski’s is on page 39.

      UH News Staff

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