The Hawaiʻi Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research (EPSCoR) is helping protect Hawaiʻi’s environment and secure the state’s economic future.

The mission of EPSCoR is to assist the National Science Foundation in its statutory function “to strengthen research and education in science and engineering throughout the United States.”

EPSCoR is a part of the Hawaiʻi Innovation Initiative (HI2). The HI2 strategy is to build a $1 billion research enterprise in partnership with community government and business groups.

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  1. Research is important when it supports the actual mission of a public university which is education.

    The research — that I have been involved in off and on for many years — must be secondary to good teaching and overall education. It helps attract good faculty, and keeps them current in their field. But unless this knowledge and capability is passed on the students, at some level, it is not part of what the university is for.

    Just something to consider when we publicise our accomplishments.

    George Curtis

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