We understand that some are advocating that the Board of Regents reopen the search for the president of the university. They cite concerns that the selection committee forwarded only two names to the board for its consideration. The selection committee’s final report recounts the circumstances that led to this situation:

“With only three remaining candidates, committee members discussed whether the candidate pool should be revisited to supplement the current list or, alternatively, should the search be reopened. The members agreed not to return to the candidate pool because the five initially selected appeared to be significantly more aligned with the committee’s criteria than the others. The members also advised against reopening the search because a renewed public effort at that late date was unlikely to garner equal or better candidates in comparison to the three who remained.” (Page 4 of final report, download the report (PDF 1.6 MB))

The board concurred in the committee’s recommendation.

The board believes that to open the selection process at the 11th hour would do significant damage to the university. Selection committee members met with at least 60 groups of stakeholders and others who cherish the university, and incorporated their views in the search. The board believes both candidates are well-qualified and capable of leading the university.

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  1. I believe that Interim President Lassner should not be allowed to run for the position as UH President, due to his reported disclaimer that he has a “conflict of interest”. If it is true that some of his companies are working in the Hawaii University and College systems, for example doing IT & broadband system work, enough of the old bureaucrat system of inbreeding. Let’s get an outsider to clean the augean stables.

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