David Lassner

David Lassner in the University of Hawaiʻi Information Technology Center

David Lassner officially becomes the 15th president of the University of Hawaiʻi System on July 1, 2014.

In this video message to UH students, faculty and staff, he discusses his appointment and priorities moving forward.

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  1. Right on!
    We’ve got the right man at the head of our University and its campuses, most important to watch the pride of families and students when they move up from CC to UH.
    I had some good ideas, I shared with Gene Akumana when I interviewed at UH West Oahau with him and Linda. Our Native Hawaiian students and those, particularly first generation in families to struggle to deal with their dual roles of good son-good daughter and working student. I didn’t realize how much trouble he and that campus were at that time and withdrew my application for Assistant of Clinical Services when I felt his unprofessional aura. I thanked Linda, I felt she understood when I said the Clinic needs to be a game room…Virtual Reality helped my soldiers at Tripler deal with the horrors of our teaching them to be killers and then expecting them to rejoice when we say “Thank you for your Service”. They need to get hold of their anger, anxiety, guilt…especially those with mTBI or who came from families where abuse was not even labeled or seen as such. I have volunteered to work with Catherine Li at our Vets Student Center….it will make a difference if we take their concentration, anxiety and anger issues into account on their road to success. We know they have perseverance beyond belief…they just need a little assistance to get to the ends they want for themselves and their families.

    I am married to a part Native Hawaiian and currently director of the Prevention and Control Division and Chairperson of the Tenure committee, Tom Wills. I have a hapa grandchild and understand that culture is not just a language difference but a way of life difference. We could all embrace understanding where the other comes from.

    The hat I gave you at the Polynesian Voyager Send off…is a reminder that you will not always be loved.
    I am here to cover your back when needed. John and the others were so right in passing the torch to you. and the fact that you still talk to all (except the unnameable crook) to get some feedback of where things can go wrong, I am sure will allow you to make most things go right.

    Barbara Melamed, Ph.D. ABPP
    [personal information deleted–ed.]

    Dean Hedges knows I am available. In any manner I would be happy to assist you in making our University seem more like a home.

  2. I’d like to add a suggestion for the direction the UH System is going—

    The Alumni paid-learned-and-gone, are still part of the larger process in the worldclass view of the University: In a world where science and intelligence and information is yet exponentially expanding and rising they-too still need to be learning what they learned: it changes daily and compoundedly by every article published: by more and-more doctors: The Alumni need not just opportunities to spend more on education, but also the currency of ‘updates’ to know the better books, the newer and brighter discoveries, the differences between what they learned before graduation and what they’d be learning in the same curriculum ‘today’.

    The ‘difference’ shouldn’t take much…a little more time and money to the professional assembly to write it all down for a new periodical… plus the effort in the President’s Office, to see it all gets done….

    Perhaps this sounds too guided, but this world is, traveling together.


    1. Perhaps I should include this cute anecdote: When I was in Elementary school I read my dad’s college text on electricity and magnetism, (he got a Masters in Chemistry): its final chapter was The DeForest Audion Tube…but of course by time I read it we had Japanese-ten-transistor-radios… You get the picture: by time your kids are in college you’ll need a new education yourself—the world isn’t just a shopping cart and isn’t slowing down by itself for the corners…

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