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Beginning in August, Hawaiʻi Community College (Hawaiʻi CC) will offer a new set of accelerated, online, for-credit classes that will lead to credential certificates.

Students will be able to study a variety of topics including business foundations, retail foundations, business essentials, entrepreneurship and geographic information systems.

Classes are eight-week sessions that begin in the fall 2014 semester. Students will receive support services that include tutoring, academic counseling, internships, and job development.

Hawaiʻi CC was one of four University of Hawaiʻi campuses to receive a Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training grant to develop the classes. The grant aims to align academic programs with industry needs and increase the number of adults who attain certificates, degrees and other industry-recognized certificates.

Hawaiʻi Island businesses are seeking work-ready individuals that have acquired critical skills to make operations run more efficiently. These certificates will enhance work-readiness and provide valuable knowledge to current and future employees.

Grant director Jessica Yamamoto is spearheading the program and has been meeting with business leaders and Hawaiʻi CC faculty.

“We have joined forces with industry to put in place a series of classes that will result in work-ready individuals,” said Yamamoto. “We have a great team of faculty and instructional designers, and all of their hard work will soon come to fruition. These courses have the potential to change lives on our island.”

“This grant provides a tremendous win-win opportunity,” said Hawaiʻi CC Chancelor Noreen Yamane. “These new programs will provide valuable skills and college credentials to community members while giving the business community access to a more skilled workforce.”

In addition, the grant has also accelerated Hawaiʻi CC’s Prior Learning Assessment program, and adults can now earn credit for work experience. If awarded credit, students will shorten their time in school as they get on the fast-track to degree completion.

The application deadline is August 1, 2014. For more information, please email William Tehero Jr..

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