William Ditto

William Ditto

At its August 21 meeting, the University of Hawaiʻi Board of Regents approved adding two new programs to the UH Mānoa College of Natural Sciences—a BA in astronomy and a BS in astrophysics. The programs will be a cooperative effort of the physics and astronomy department and the Institute for Astronomy.

The BS and BA degree programs draw on extraordinary resources unique to Hawaiʻi. No other astronomy program anywhere has access to such a variety of instruments. Both programs build on a solid grounding in physics and other sciences through courses offered by the College of Natural Sciences. The combined degree programs include introductory, intermediate and advanced astronomy courses and research tutorials with leading scientists at the institute for Astronomy.

“The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa now provides a young aspiring astrophysicist an opportunity to receive undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and research positions, as well as unparalleled access to the impressive array of world-class telescopes in Hawaiʻi” said William Ditto, dean of College of Natural Sciences.

“Hawaiʻi has some of the best astronomical observatories in the world and the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa has one of the largest graduate programs in astronomy,” said Guenther Hasinger, director of the Institute for Astronomy.

Virtually all of the courses required for these two majors have been offered at UH Mānoa, but they are now fully accredited undergraduate majors. This approval provides the structure and organization needed for a student to choose an astronomy or astrophysics track.

“We are confident these majors round out the academic offerings that will attract many bright and enthusiastic students to our programs,” said Pui Lam, physics and astronomy chair.

A UH Mānoa news release

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  1. Aloha! On the subject of the ( 30 m telescope ).
    If the project is not started of completed.
    What $ will the state of Hawaii pay for delays,
    Contractor contract obligation, and if any part of
    the telescope is already in manufacture.
    Who is obligated to the $ if a non com pleated telescope and building is not finished ?

    After 9 years of – OK it’s a go to build it and ststion it here.
    Then on the first day on construction 9 years later.
    Attempt to stop is compleatly.

    Some one has put a lot in to this and stoping it now, will be a leagle battle for the
    Last minute change of thought.

    Will the state have to buy off some one to get this going, or
    For non agreement forfillment to construct it & place it ??

    We are only getting the Native Hawaiin perspective on all news channels.
    Not the whole story. Please ask the local news to tell the public,
    The rest of the facts……

    And if there is 13 telescopes up there.
    Remove the old outdated ones and return the land land back
    As before where ther once set.

    And build on one site where one was removed ???!!!
    Simple – ! It will remove many problems and clutter.

    Mahalo !!

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