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Heads up incoming fall 2014 freshmen enrolled at the University of Hawaiʻi’s 10 campuses. You can get all of your textbooks for the fall 2015 semester for free!

All you have to do is think 15 to Finish. That’s 15 credits a semester.

Complete 30 credits by the end of your freshman year, maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average and you could be one of the randomly selected winners, like UH Mānoa sophomore Mitchell Moses. He was one of 19 UH students, one of four from Mānoa, to score free textbooks.

“I was stoked,” said Moses. “I was excited. I knew my books was going to cost a lot so I knew I was going to save a lot of money. ”

Moses, an architecture major, saved $720. Fellow winner, Rachel Blaire is majoring in civil engineering and UH Mānoa saved more than $500 on her textbooks.

UH Mānoa’s Rachel Blaire received more than $500 worth of textbooks for participating in 15 to Finish during her freshman year.

“It was pretty exciting,” said Blaire. “I was really happy to find out my textbooks were paid for because this semester is supposed to be pretty hard with calculus and the start of all of my engineering classes. ”

Both will save even more money because they are on track to finish in four years.

“It’s tough but it is worth it because you’re graduating in four years,” said Moses. “You don’t have to go to summer school, you’re just in-and-out. Four years.”

“The first semester, I took 15 credits and I was comfortable with that,” added Blaire. “I actually enjoyed all of my classes.”

Research has found that students who take at least 15 credits a semester are more likely to do better in school.

“Do it, because it saves you a lot of money,” said Moses.

For the UH Bookstores’ free textbook promotion and for tips on how you can graduate on time go to

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