“The Many Moods of Christmas, Suite 2” (1963) featuring the UH Mānoa chorus, concert choir, chamber singers and symphony orchestra and conducted by Miguel Felipe



The University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa music and theatre and dance departments celebrated the holiday season with A Mānoa Christmas at Kennedy Theatre on December 10, 2014.

The festive celebration featured holiday classics performed by some of the university’s most talented musicians, dancers and actors.

Special guests included Jimmy Borges and UH Mānoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman.

Highlights from A Mānoa Christmas

Sleigh Ride featuring guest conductor UH Manoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman


Readings from A Christmas Carol A Christmas Carol featuring Timothy Callais, Kyle Scholl, Kevin C. K. Berg and Joanna Mills


Mother Ginger from the Nutcracker


Coffee (Arabian Dance) from the The Nutcracker featuring Monica Mariiko

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  1. It was funny Robert Bley-Vroman was booed at this event. He is the Interim Chancellor at UH Manoa and partly responsible for the whole UH mess.

    I think people are starting to see where and what the issues at UH Manoa are.

    FixUHManoa – like them on facebook and learn the real facts.

    Do not forget the UH rule on free speech moderators, there are at total of 76 words in this message.

    I Mua Manoa

  2. None of our three production staff who were there all night witnessed the alleged booing.

    Comments from “Mike” and “James” (as well as “Steve” from the other post) continue to disregard the comment policy we have linked several times. Any additional comments in violation of the policy will not be posted, in part or whole.

  3. There was definitely booing I heard it. I thought it was shame at first, but, then I understood why they were doing it and I support them 100%.

    My daughter and son currently attend UH Manoa and they were distraught when they were trying to sign up for classes and many of them had been cancelled or did not have any seats remaining for spring 15. This was because TA positions were getting cut. They would have had to stop attending UH, it is just getting too expensive.

    I am grateful for those TAs who stood up to be counted and slept out in the cold to draw attention to the situation, I am sure, as are my son and daughter that the action they took prevented cuts to TA positions and maintained the associated classes.

    God bless those TAs in this season of giving, they gave for us and are a shinning example to all.

    Maybe the production staff were told to say that they did not not hear booing? It definitely did happen.


    1. “Linda” “James” and “Mike” you may want to use different IP addresses next time to support your spurious assertions ;)

      But we certainly appreciate your passion for improving the quality of education at the University of Hawai’i! Imua!

  4. not sure if the below got posted or not?

    It appears as if the UH News staff have an agenda. Not overly surprising.

    Mods if you check my IP address you will see I am in Canada. I am home visiting family. I showed my parents the clip of the event I attended last week over our lunch today and I started reading the comments…..

    Correct me if I am wrong, did the music department put this concert on? Didn’t the music department just have its operating budget slashed to $500 or so? Hats off to those performers if they did. As of the thunderous applause, they only really sound thunderous when the choir and band stand up, they are very subdued when it is just the interim chancellor and this happened several times that night. I think people were just going through the motions of applauding the interim chancellor, everyone else really did get thunderous applause.

    The booing really did happen at the beginning of the evening, I heard it and so did my friends. Still I suppose it looks bad if the Interim Chancellor is booed and does not have the respect of the University population, so, I can understand your stance, but, I do not agree with it.

    Just my two cents worth.

    Merry Christmas from a cold Canada.


  5. I enjoyed listening to “the many moods of Christmas,Suite2”, the Choir and Orchestra are AMAZING!….. It was entertaining to see the Chancellor attempt to be a part of the wonderful sound of the talented members of the Orchestra…..The “Christmas Carol” readings was nice, I wish it could have been done on a set, I think the actors did great…..The Arabian dance was interesting…..

    Merry Christmas! and have a Blessed New Year everyone!!

    with Aloha from the Big Island

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