UH Manoa campus with "Smoke-Free Manoa"

Statement from UH Mānoa Chancellor Robert Bley-Vroman

I am pleased to announce that the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa will officially be a smoke-free campus on July 1, 2015. Mānoa will join over 1,000 colleges and universities that are already smoke-free. The goal is to provide a healthy and safe environment for students, employees and visitors.


UH Mānoa has been working on this policy since March 2012, when the Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi and the Mānoa Faculty Senate passed resolutions in support of a tobacco-free campus.

Education and training is a key component of this initiative. Efforts will focus on discouraging the use of all tobacco and making sure there are resources available for anyone who wants to quit. To that end, a website with educational materials, cessation support services and policy information is available at http://manoa.hawaii.edu/smokefree.

In the months leading to the July 1 official start date, a task group will be working with appropriate campus departments on implementation steps to ensure a smooth transition.

I ask for your understanding and support during this transitional phase and encourage everyone to take an active role in sharing and promoting this endeavor for a healthier lifestyle and campus environment.

Robert Bley-Vroman

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  1. This would have never happen if Chancellor Apple was still around. Well, it actually might have, but at a much later date because he, Chancellor Apple, would have been busy taking care of more important things. For a list of these just look up Fix UH Manoa.

    Onto the new no smoking policy. I am an former smoker, and hate the smell of it. It is annoying as hell when someone lights up around me, because the urge to light up again is always there. Even with as much as smoking annoys me, I will never find it as annoying as someone telling me if I do, or do not, have a right to do something that doesn’t cause harm. Personal liberty deterioration, and those that allow it (Chancellor, ASUH, Fac Senate) will always be much more annoying than smoking in my eyes. What is wrong with designated smoking areas? If someone is smoking in the middle of a field, away from everyone else, they should have that right. With this new non-smoking policy we are further silencing our society’s voice by taking away the need for healthy conflict. When people used to smoke around me I would politely ask them to move else where, if I was there first. With it being made into a policy it creates a society of expectation without the need for one to voice any objection, and I fear that will only lead to worse things. I believe that by banning things that annoy us, instead of handling it at the lowest levels through conversation like adults, a since of entitlement might start to develop. Smoking annoys you? Have it banned. Profanity annoys you? Let’s ban that too. Those short shorts are offensive to my eyes but I don’t want to say anything to you. I’m going to work on new policy for a university dress code. The list can go on forever, because there is not a day that goes by where something doesn’t annoy me. Today, it just happens to be a new b.s. policy about smoking.

    “Education and training is a key component” I knew smoking might cause lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and complicate pregnancy when I started smoking at 13. It didn’t stop me then, and more won’t stop me now.

    “Efforts will focus on discouraging the use of all tobacco…” Efforts, or propaganda will be used to get everyone else to not like what you don’t like? Seems like a good idea, because the masses will be easier to control through public shaming.

    “I ask for your understanding and support..” You have my understanding, but as a free man I can’t give you my support when it is a matter of taking away a freedom of mine over something that annoys you, but doesn’t cause you harm. By “no harm” I mean me smoking in an open field with no one around. It might be time for me to light up again because of this ridiculous policy. Can someone point me to the “free speech zone” on campus so that I can enjoy a nice stogie?

    1. University, please THINK! What are you thinking when you BAN, BAN? Liberal beliefs don’t or shouldn’t make a rule/law! As a University, I imagined that you would be more accepting and diverse than just all about banning…what’s next? Hot dogs? Someone may smell the awesomeness? And OMG, might want to even EAT one ??? You need a lot more time and personnel to figure out more and more bans! Rock on UH Manoa! What else U got? Let’s get it going…maybe we shouldn’t breathe the VOG AIR? That’s a good one that you should ban now!!!

      1. I empathize with your comment, but second hand smoke *does* cause cancer. This was disputed and fought by the cigarette companies for decades with bribes to doctors, elected officials, and researchers. Call it liberal, or fascist, or whatever you want, but you’re demanding the right to bombard people around you with cancer causing chemicals.

        I’m fine with a more moderate policy and totally agree that Chancellor Apple would be working on more important issues – e.g. the outright scandals at the medical schools, the defunding of the college of natural sciences despite the massive tuition it collects from students, TA’s who teach actual classes but make some of the worst wages for their jobs in the nation, etc. What were seeing here in the University dismantling shared governance so that corrupt officials can continue giving monetary handouts to their friends (e.g. [ ] giving construction contracts to his buddies with bids of $1, construction delays over and over again with on the gym, which is far too small, etc.).

        That said – second hand smoke causes cancer. Period.


        [this comment was edited per the UH News comment policyto remove the name of an administrator no longer at UH, who was never found to be involved with any wrongdoing — UH News Staff]

        1. We all know second hand smoke is dangerous. That is why he said it doesn’t harm anyone else *if you’re in the middle of the field smoking* and ensuring there is a reasonable amount of distance between you and others around.

          I always make sure when i smoke, even in a designated area, that I create space between me and others around me before I light one up. Im not proud that I accept the risks involved with smoking for myself, and the last thing Id want to do is accept that risk for others.

          Banning smoking completely without designated smoking areas will prove to be a complete failure and impossible to enforce.

  2. I don’t agree with this policy. Designated smoking areas should be provided, including open spaces more than twenty feet from doors. This no-tolerance policy is tyranny of the closed-minded plurality. Not to mention that this is the LEAST of UH’s problems.

  3. It’s amazing that we allow random student and school organizations regulate what we can and cannot do, especially when said organizations can barely put together a legitimate budget. I wholeheartedly hope that students disregard this new ban until the administration puts effort and energy into more important things such as students’ safety at night, moped thefts, and general infrastructure repair. When we allow the university and whatever random organizations that were behind this nonsense ban to win, we open the door for all sorts of insane rules similar to the film PCU…

  4. While the university bans smoking (supposedly to save us from harm), it will still sell alcohol which is more associated with car crashes, physical violence and sexual assault!

  5. I agree with the opposition. Smokers have rights, too! We pay just as much tuition for classes that non-smokers take, we pay all these student fees that we don’t ever make use of (i.e. student athletic fees, etc.)…why can’t you leave us with something! At least leave us with smoking sections around campus. And what about that BAR at Bale? Doesn’t alcohol consumption lead to all sorts of health problems, not to mention the people who cannot handle their alcohol (or their bladder, for that matter)? What are we doing to ban alcohol consumption on campus? The way I see it, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If smokers can’t smoke on campus, then drinkers shouldn’t be able to drink on campus. I wonder how the people who visit Bale for alcoholic beverages would feel if we initiated a no drinking on campus proposal. I have noticed that there are quite a few “drinkers” who also happen to smoke. I wonder what will become of them if they can’t enjoy a couple of cocktails AND A CIGARETTE. Furthermore, why did we even enact this policy, when we’ve got MORE IMPORTANT ISSUES to deal with (like increased lighting for enhanced safety)? No smoking on campus, in Hawaii, in a ‘Free Country,’ I’m confused! What free rights do student smokers have???

  6. Didn’t think it would be necessary to explain to academics but smoking affects people AROUND you physically, because of second hand smoke, in a way that drinking and fast food do not. LOL at the elaborate straw man construction here. Should we ban driving bc it kills more people than drinking? Stop the madness.

  7. Also, please READ: “UH Mānoa has been working on this policy since March 2012, when the Associated Students of the University of Hawaiʻi and the Mānoa Faculty Senate passed resolutions in support of a tobacco-free campus.”

    This is not the big, bad administration trying to enforce a policy against the will of the people, it IS the will of most of the campus community, and if you have a problem with it, maybe get involved with the Faculty Senate or ASUH. Fix the whining, UH Manoa.

  8. All of you think that there are other things to worry about? Do you people read? Signs say “walk your wheels” but everyone ignores them. You all are attending a university, but you can’t even read a simple sign that tells you what to do. If you don’t like how the university is, go to school on the mainland. Go smoke where you’re not in the vicinity of others who are NOT smoking. Take online classes so you don’t disturb others with your habit. Or better yet, don’t smoke at all. Cause all of you want to live right? If you can’t even abide by the rules, you might as drop out of university and go back to elementary so you relearn about rules.

  9. cmon stated smoking affects people AROUND you physically, because of second hand smoke, in a way that drinking and fast food do not.

    Again, alcohol is more responsible for car crashes, physical violence and sexual assaults than smoking!

  10. Finally! Thank you! I’ve long thought that someone else’s decision to smoke shouldn’t interfere with my right to clean air and a healthy environment. Way to go UHM!

  11. Who smokes in the middle of a field anyway? Most of the time I have to walk through smoke clouds on my way to class. Auwe!

  12. First I would like to applaud the university in banning smoking on campus. Smoking will kill you and eventually others around you. My own mother died from smoking right before I started graduate school. However, I am not without pity for smokers, I realize you need a fix from your drug. When I was at the university of New Mexico (which banned smoking as well)the same uproar about “smokers rights” came up. I offered a solution to smokers then in the opinion section of the Daily Lobo. I will offer the same solution now to the students of UH Manoa. One does not need to “smoke” tobacco to get the effects of nicotine. In fact, nicotine can be delivered into the blood stream in a multitude of ways without involving the act of smoking. So how, you might ask, can we do this? The answer is really simple, and actually was inspired by the Jan. 21, 2010 Daily Lobo column, “Doing it in the Duke city” entitled “Clean and painless anal sex — no butts about it” by Miss Hunter Riley. The unexplored, fun and pleasurable route for compliance to the tobacco policy is, of course, the anus. There are multitudes of capillaries and a rich blood supply in the lower small intestine near the anus. Nicotine could be easily and quickly absorbed into the bloodstream through this entry point. Therefore, as the primary method in gaining compliance to the new university tobacco policy, I suggest nicotine suppositories and/or enemas. Imagine, as a nicotine user you could insert a suppository (or drain an enema bag) before class and ride calming nicotine-induced waves without disturbing others. Just think: No smoke, no cigarette butts, no smell, the possibility of an orgasm (see miss Hunter Riley’s article), and you could do it anywhere. This is the perfect solution. So, all you smokers, bend over and start smoking!

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