The University of Hawaiʻi, the University of the Ryukyus and Meio University signed a memorandum of understanding at the Hawaiʻi State Capitol on May 12, 2015. This agreement builds on the work the universities have been doing over many decades.

Scholars, students and administrators interested in Okinawa are scattered all over the world and this agreement creates opportunities for engagement in education and research as well as productive exchanges to discuss 21st century issues.

The University of the Ryukyus, Meio University and the University of Hawaiʻi over the years have developed strong ties and have shared interests in Okinawan studies. The three universities propose to assist each other and collaborate to form an international network—the International Consortium for Okinawan Studies—for studying and teaching about Ryukyu and Okinawa.

Present at the signing were state and university officials including Hawaiʻi Governor David Ige, University of Hawaiʻi President David Lassner, University of the Ryukyus President Hajime Oshiro and Meio University President Katsunori Yamazato.