Rachel Hoerman

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) awarded a 2015–16 American Fellowship to Rachel Hoerman. She is a doctoral candidate in the anthropology department in the College of Social Sciences at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa.

American Fellowships, AAUW’s oldest and largest funding program, date back to 1888 and support women scholars who are completing doctoral dissertations, conducting postdoctoral research, or finishing research for publication.

“The 2015–16 American Fellowship is an immense honor for which I am extremely grateful,” said Hoerman. “The Fellowship will enable the completion of my PhD analysis and thesis over the course of the next year and support Southeast Asian archaeological research and heritage conservation initiatives.”

More on Rachel Hoerman

Hoerman studies archaeological evidence for ancient human creative behavior through space and time using rock art (the human modification or marking of naturally-occurring, fixed-in-place stone). Her dissertation research focuses on the discovery, documentation, analysis and long-term conservation of Sarawak, Malaysian Borneo’s rock art. Her goal is a scientific career blending the long-term protection of world archaeological heritage with the dissemination of empirical, fact-based information about our species, while supporting women’s rights and gender equality domestically and abroad.

“These awards have a long history of expanding opportunities for women scholars,” said Gloria Blackwell, AAUW vice president of fellowships, grants, and global programs. “The AAUW American Fellowship is unique because its funding allows women to cover living and child care expenses. This empowers women to complete their graduate studies when they otherwise may not have the opportunity.”

About AAUW

For the 2015–16 academic year, AAUW awarded a total of $3.7 million to 241 scholars, research projects and programs promoting education and equity for women and girls through six fellowships and grants programs. AAUW is one of the world’s leading supporters of graduate women’s education, having awarded more than $100 million in fellowships, grants and awards to 12,000 women from more than 140 countries since 1888. The AAUW Fellowships and Grants program is one of the oldest and largest in the world exclusively for women.