Peter Quigley

Peter Quigley

Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Peter Quigley has been selected to serve on a Jobs for the Future (JFF) national policy leadership group tasked with developing action agendas to accelerate academic and career pathways for millions of students in community colleges.

Quigley will serve on a task force of the JFF Policy Leadership Trust for Student Success that will focus on credit transfer between community colleges and four-year institutions.

“It’s an honor to be a part of such an important initiative funded by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and led by JFF,” said Quigley. “Nothing is more important to those of us in higher education, and especially those of us in the community colleges, than the issues addressed by this initiative in crucial areas of student success: transfer, developmental education, pathways and outcomes based funding.”

He added, “Certainly, the exciting work in Hawaiʻi around transfer as well as my work with the Interstate Passport at the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education has prepared me to be a part of this great conversation.”

According to a letter from Jobs for the Future president and CEO Gina Burkhardt, Quigley’s reputation as a cutting-edge leader prompted the organization to invite his participation in JFF’s shared agenda to produce significant improvements in the lives of community college students.

The agenda for the task group will focus on improving and accelerating transfers for community college students through a possible national transfer clearinghouse, so students can easily transfer and apply credits at higher education institutions within states and across states.

For more information about the task force and JFF Policy Leadership Trust for Student Success, visit the Jobs for the Future website.

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