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JABSOM and UH Cancer Center building

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center’s proposed business plan update has been posted to the Board of Regents website.

The 2016 business plan provides an updated summary of the university’s objectives for the center and a two phase solution based approach to align the center’s education, research and improved patient care mission as Hawaiʻi’s only cancer research center serving its people.

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  1. The whole cancer center debacle stems from poor management by the UH admin and Michelle Carbone. The incompetence that is required to assume that revenue from cigarettes tax will stay the same and not fall and have that as a major assumption in a business plan is staggering, still this is not really surprising given recent events at UH (e.g., the Wonder Blunder, the Gib Arnold contract saga, admin pay rises when the campus is falling down, keeping friends on the pay roll so they can get full state benefits, the list goes on and on! Google them, it is all there from reputable sources!!)

    Have a read of these links that demonstrate the incompetence and lax morals of UH admin and the ex-cancer center director, Michelle Carbone. Disgraceful!

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