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Photo of Professor Robert A. Blust

Professor Robert A. Blust

Professor Robert A. Blust of the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Department of Linguistics has been appointed a fellow of the Linguistic Society of America in recognition of his tremendous contributions to the field of linguistics.

Inducted on January 8 at the Linguistic Society of America annual meeting in Washington, D.C., Blust joins nine other Class of 2016 Linguistic Society of America Fellows.

More on Robert Blust

Blust is one of the world’s leading historical linguists and the foremost expert on the Austronesian language family, which includes almost 20 percent of the world’s 7,000 languages.

He has conducted fieldwork on approximately 100 languages and has written more than 200 publications, including seven authored books, four edited books and 180 articles. Included among the books is the open access online Austronesian Comparative Dictionary, currently 6,000 single-spaced pages in print form and growing by an average of 10 pages every week.

Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and raised in California, Blust did undergraduate work in English. He received a BA in anthropology and a PhD in linguistics from UH.

Blust is a testament to the outstanding caliber of UH Mānoa’s Department of Linguistics. He is the second member of the department to be honored as an Linguistic Society of America Fellow; Lyle Campbell was among the Class of 2015.

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