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In 2015, UH and Kamehameha Schools officials formalized the Hui Hoʻopili ʻĀina.

A little over a year ago, leaders from Kamehameha Schools and the University of Hawaiʻi put pen to paper to formalize a partnership that would boost post-high educational success of Native Hawaiians. The partnership, called Hui Hoʻopili ʻĀina (HHA), aimed at increasing Hawaiian student success at the post-secondary level while advancing Hawaiian culture, language and knowledge.

This progress report provides a look at the HHA partnership and the work accomplished over the past year since the agreement was signed by UH and Kamehameha Schools.

Momentum continues to increase for both UH and Kamehameha Schools as they enter year two of their formal collaboration aimed to increase student success for Native Hawaiians across the paeʻāina. Through inventive, innovative and collaborative efforts from both institutions, HHA has established itself as a model of excellence to aspire to with organizations and institutions dedicated to ensure a thriving lāhui.

The partnership is organized around three themes: Native Hawaiian Student Success, Sustainability/Mālama Honua, and ʻIke Hawaiʻi.

Read more about the progress of HHA at the Kamehameha Schools website.

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  1. This looks suspicious. They just canʻt seem to let the Hawaiians have anything. Itʻs another side-door Mohica Cummings intrusion.

    Pretty soon it wonʻt be Hawaiian at all and Hawaiians will be at the end of the line after foreign and stateside students get accepted first. No matter what they ʻsayʻ, thatʻs how it will be.

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