The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates February 2017 faculty and staff anniversaries.

40 Years

Taniguchi, Janice E
Student Support, Admissions and Records, UH Mānoa

30 Years

Chun, Elaine E
Institutional Support, Budget and Finance, UH System

Davis, Sandra K
Specialist, Chancellor’s Office, UH Mānoa

Fujii, Creighton S
Associate Professor, Counsel and Guidance, Kauai CC

Gazmen, Connie P
Instructor, School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene, UH Mānoa

Kawamoto, Shirley M
Private Secretary, Administration, Budget and Finance, UH System

Masaki-Tashima, Sheryl
Institutional Support, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Morita, Roy W
Office Assistant, Administration, Auxiliary Enterprise, UH Mānoa

Moulin, Jane F
Professor, College of Arts and Humanities, UH Mānoa

20 Years

Co, Roland
Institutional Support, University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center, UH Mānoa

Cutshaw, Kathleen
Vice Chancellor, Chancellor’s Office, UH Mānoa

Ikeda, Masako K
Information, Events and Publications, Chancellor’s Office, UH Mānoa

Kahmann, Michiko S
Junior Specialist, Outreach College, UH Mānoa

Leong, Suzette Y
Institutional Support, Risk Management, UH System

Niibu, Dorene M
Private Secretary, Provost’s Office, Windward CC

Sehna, Madeline M
Office Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences, UH Hilo

Tsuda, Teresa Y
Secretary, Academic Affairs, UH Hilo

Woo, Susan S
Institutional Support, School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology, UH Mānoa

10 Years

Akamine, Gleniss F
Assistant Specialist, Student Services, UH West Oʻahu

Bingham, Jon-Paul
Associate Professor, College of College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Mānoa

Chow, Naomi R
Institutional Support, Research Services, UH System

Dressler, William W
Instructor, Dean’s Office, Kauai CC

Dudoit, Kelley J
Instructor, Outreach, Maui College

Goodman, Stephen
Information Technology, Information Technology Services, UH System

Inoue, Lea M
Pharmacist, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Jokura, Marsha M
Student Support, Admissions and Records, UH Mānoa

Kon, James T
Refuse Collector, Facility, Grounds and Safety Office, UH Mānoa

Kruger, Alexandre A
Groundskeeper, Facility, Grounds and Safety Office, UH Mānoa

Kubojiri, Kenneth J
Building Maintenance Worker, Auxiliary Service, UH Hilo

Lee, Krystal
Academic Support, College of Business, UH Mānoa

Lilomaiava-Doktor, Saʻiliemanu
Associate Professor, Social Sciences, UH West Oʻahu

Longao, Helen B
Instructor, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Nedbalek, Zane R
Research Support, Dean’s Office, Honolulu CC

Peckham, Gabriel D
Lecturer, Natural Sciences, Honolulu CC

Tanaka, Deborah K
Office Assistant, Administration, UH System

Taylor, Diane W
Professor, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

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