The University of Hawaiʻi celebrates April 2017 faculty and staff anniversaries.

30 Years

Fukunaga, Arlene S
Office Assistant, Auxiliary Enterprise, UH Mānoa

Kawachi, Gary A
Institutional Support, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Lamb, Ramdas
Professor, College of Arts and Humanities, UH Mānoa

Morito, Deborah Y
Secretary, College of Natural Sciences, UH Mānoa

20 Years

Abe, Harriet Y
Interim Associate Dean, Outreach College, UH Mānoa

Jacques, Stephen R
Instructor, Language Arts, Leeward CC

Kato, Marsha K
Secretary, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Kunimoto, Jodilyn K
Junior Specialist, Student Services, UH Hilo

Malterre, Kristie
Associate Professor, General Education, Kapiʻolani CC

Manuel-Cortez, Dorinna
Interim Vice Chancellor, Dean’s Office, Hawaiʻi CC

Neupane, Kabi R
Professor, Natural Sciences, Leeward CC

Nitta, Garry Y
Research Support, Institute for Astronomy, UH Mānoa

Sheehey, Patricia H
Associate Professor, College of Education, UH Mānoa

Takeuchi, Gary Y
Associate Vice President, Legal Affairs and University General Counsel, UH System

10 Years

Berenberg, Jeffrey L
Professor, UH Cancer Center, UH Mānoa

Cuaresma, Charlene F
Instructor, Student Affairs, UH Mānoa

Cummings, Regina
Institutional Support, School of Medicine, UH Mānoa

Delacruz, Kurt D
Junior Specialist, Student Affairs, UH Hilo

Domingo, Eden
Janitor, Facility, Grounds and Safety Office, UH Mānoa

Fukuda, Yuki
Instructional and Student Support, Graduate Division, UH Mānoa

Ganot, Eran
Head Basketball Coach (Men), Athletics, UH Mānoa

He, Shi-Jen
Assistant Specialist, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Mānoa

Higa, Taryn A
Instructor, School of Nursing, UH Mānoa

Hong, Leslie-Ann L
Institutional Support, College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, UH Mānoa

Huang, Anita Y
Institutional Support, Academic Affairs, UH System

Ma, Carolyn S
Dean and Associate Professor, College of Pharmacy, UH Hilo

Miyahana, Kaleinani
Institutional Support, Athletics, UH Mānoa

Pascual, Valentin
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Leeward CC

Tan, Kirin D
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Leeward CC

Wehrsig, Timothy K
Janitor, Administrative Director’s Office, Hawaiʻi CC

Yamada, Debbie T
Secretary, Community Colleges, UH System

Yamamoto, Stella
Secretary, Dean’s Office, Leeward CC

Yanagi, Sherri Y
Office Assistant, College of Business, UH Mānoa

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