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Three images: sunset over ocean waves, geometric shapes, aerial view of cliffs

Mathematicians from around the world will discuss the role that mathematics-for-industry can play in harnessing and enhancing clean energy opportunities and strategies at The Forum Math-for-Industry. The forum. part of the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry, will be held October 23–26 at the East-West Center on the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa campus.

Bringing mathematicians together with scientists and engineers working on clean energy offers great opportunities to advance the frontiers of mathematical science and provide novel mathematical solutions to current challenges, such as the development and management of smart grids.

This year’s theme “Responding to the Challenges of Climate Change: Exploiting, Harnessing and Enhancing the Opportunities of Clean Energy” is inspired by the alarming trend of climate change and its effect on the life on Earth. The conference will examine the associated growing world-wide initiatives in renewable energy, as well as the priority for the State of Hawaiʻi to eliminate its dependence on fossil fuel.

Mathematicians will play a key role in developing alternative sources of energy and other technological innovations to mitigate and adapt to climate change. World renowned scientists from the United States, Japan, Australia, Iceland, Chile, New Zealand, Canada and China will present the current situation and challenges as well as discuss actions and research needed.

The forum will feature one-hour plenary talks as well as 30-minute invited talks on topics such as mathematical tools to support geothermal energy production, the impact of global warming on recent hurricanes and accelerating Hawaiʻi toward 100 percent clean energy. The full schedule is available from the Asia Pacific Consortium of Mathematics for Industry website.

Students and faculty may attend individual sessions at no charge. Registration is required to attend the entire conference.

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