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Across the University of Hawaiʻi System, sustainability, resilience and climate change are taught in many different classes, across all academic disciplines.

President David Lassner released a personal message to the UH community via video inviting UH stakeholders to share how they are contributing. Responses will be used to develop a community and directory of sustainability scientists, scholars and practitioners.

“Mahalo nui loa for all you are doing and will do for our planet and those who will follow us,” said Lassner. “There is perhaps no more important work before us and for the future of humanity.”

Last June, Lassner joined more than 180 college presidents in signing the We Are Still In document, representing thousands of organizations across sectors to support the United States’ commitment to the Paris Agreement.

In 2015, Lassner and the Board of Regents endorsed Executive Policy 4.202, which outlines sustainability goals in the areas of operations, curriculum, research, community engagement and cultural connections. The UH System Office of Sustainability is charged with tracking and implementing these goals across all 10 campuses.

“Climate change will impact us all, regardless of discipline, sector, race or gender,” said UH System Sustainability Coordinator Matthew K. Lynch. “It’s up to us to equip our students with an education relevant to the future they face, and this directory will help us to share knowledge across our departments and campuses to complement, support and enhance the excellent work under way across the University of Hawaiʻi.”

The deadline for submitting surveys is December 1, 2017. Contact the UH Office of Sustainability (808) 956-7437 or email Matthew K. Lynch.

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