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UH Manoa promotes safe rides through new prepaid cab fare cards

University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa
Nancy Stockert, 956-4493
University Health Services
Posted: Feb 13, 2008

On tomorrow‘s Valentine‘s Day, UH Mānoa will be introducing a new way for families and friends to protect their loved ones‘ safety through prepaid taxi fare cards.

CabBux, a local company that distributes prepaid cab cards, will be releasing a new version of the card printed with the University of Hawaii logo. CabBux cards can be used with The Cab, Oahu‘s largest and only island-wide cab company.

Endorsed by the UH Mānoa Alcohol Project (MAP), the card will enable students to get safe rides even when they do not have cash. Beginning this Valentine‘s Day, students can pick up the card at the Campus Center Ticket, ID & Information Office, or they can arrange for the card to be mailed by going online to or calling 1-877-4 CabBux. Amounts ranging from $5 to $500 can be added to the card at the website or by phone.

Shannon Higa, CabBux President, is "pleased that the cards will contribute to the campus effort to help students make informed, healthy choices." Jayne Bopp, MAP member and head of the UH Mānoa Program Against Violence to Women said, "I think this is a great option for women going out on a first date or going out with friends, who may need a backup plan to get home safely."

MAP Coordinator, Pedro Haro-Arvizu, a graduate student in Public Health who received his undergraduate degree from UH Mānoa, notes the wide range of uses for the card. "Students can keep the card in their wallets for when they want a safe backup plan for a date, don‘t have a designated driver, are ready to go home before their friends, or just need an easy way to get to or from the airport or store." Also, parents can add value online or by phone to make sure their daughters and sons stay safe when away from home.

The MAP Coordinating Committee is made up of representatives from UHM faculty, staff, athletics, campus security, and students, who collaborate to prevent risky alcohol and other drug use. The group decided to work with CabBux to publicize and distribute the cards as one way to increase student safety. As part of their commitment to this effort, CabBux also is donating prepaid cards to the BASICS alcohol and other drug screening and intervention program for UHM students.

The Valentine‘s Day release was chosen to coincide with the University Health Service‘s Condom Fair at the UHM Campus Center, which provides an informal venue for education and promoting responsible relationships. Campus posters will publicize the beginning of the CabBux program, and cards will be distributed at the Fair.


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