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Air Force ROTC to Recognize Top Cadets

University of Hawaiʻi
Captain Jason Densley,
Unit Admissions Officer
Lt Col Fiedrich Schlich, (808)956-7734
Professor of Aerospace Studies
Posted: Apr 16, 2002

Air Force ROTC will host its annual Awards Night on Saturday, May 4, at 4 p.m. to recognize outstanding performance among their current cadets.

Cadets in AFROTC are trained to be experts in leadership, management, and communication, all elements of being an effective Air Force officer. Those cadets showing exemplary academic and leadership potential are nominated for various awards provided by local and national organizations. Oftentimes, these awards are accompanied by savings bonds and special cash scholarships.

Prior to the Awards Night ceremony, the cadets of Detachment 175 will conduct a formal change-of-command parade on Cooke Field. Relinquishing command will be Cadet Colonel Richard N. Winfrey, Jr. and assuming command will be Cadet Major Lauren Ware. Cadet Winfrey will receive his commission on May 18th, the culmination of the 4-year AFROTC program and will go on to attend Undergraduate Navigator Training with the Air Force. Cadet Ware will begin her last semester in AFROTC and will be commissioned in December.

Air Force ROTC at the University of Hawaii is open to all undergraduate and graduate students attending schools on the Island of Oahu. Most cadets receive a scholarship which pays tuition, books, and a portion of their living expenses while enrolled in the program. Aside from professional training, all cadets who commission have a guaranteed job waiting for them upon graduation during which they fulfull a 4-year commitment to the Air Force. Cadets are able to choose from 137 career field choices including pilot, navigatior, doctor, lawyer, special investigator, and intelligence.

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